Benefits portfolio

Welcome to the entrepreneurial major leagues!

The Circle of Affiliates is comprised by a select group of companies and/or entrepreneurs, who voluntarily request to become members and enjoys exclusive benefits and partnerships. We offer a services portfolio that adds value to companies and their environment.

Your membership allows you to

1. Select and be selected as a member of the Board of Directors of the CCB.
2. Use the CCB as a reference.
3. Have free access to the CCB's publications, by entering our library network here.
4. Get all certifications derived from your commercial registry free of charge, without exceeding the amount of your membership payment here (spanish version).



  • Dream JobsIt is the first digital geolocation based labor search tool in Latin America. Our affiliates can access the Premium Plan for one year and post up to 5 monthly plus offers free of charge, using our exclusive portal. 
  • Priority access to the Chair Forum programs: A Company in Mega Trajectory and Corporate Meetings.


Leadership and inspiration 

  • Acknowledgment for enterprise management. We celebrate our affiliates who have reached their 25th, 50th, and 75th year in business.
  • 30% discount in enterprise training and education within the first year of joining the Members’ Circle and 20% in the subsequent years. Access here (spanish version).
  • 15% discount in Tutor Programs (spanish version). We help companies to get better results for their businesses by giving them a tutor support and applying new management techniques and tools.
  • 25% discount through our agreement with Uniempresarial (25% discount in graduate programs and 15% discount in pre-graduate programs for new students)
  • International conferences and free workshops on corporate relevant topics.
  • Free support in the internationalization processes.


Information and access

  • 20% discount in the rental of conference and meeting rooms.
  • Click here to download a free database with more than 12,500 entries so that your company can:
    1) Make business contracts between CCB members.
    2) Identify business opportunities.
    3) Support business development and corporate competitiveness
  • Certificates and free publications for up to the amount of your affiliation charge (Law 1727 of 2014). Download your certificates here.
  • Discount in Certicámara products (Certified time stamps (5% discount)).
  • Benefits offered by the Corporate Center for Information in Bogotá (CIEB), four libraries specialized in corporate, legal, commercial, financial, civi, and social topics for Bogotá and the Region, here.



  • Free access to all trade shows organized by Corferias.
  • 15% Discount in "Abonos de Vida" and "Hojas Verdes" certificates issued by our affiliate, the Corporación Ambiental Empresarial (CAEM)discounts on supporting regulatory compliance, an estimate on the Water Footprint, an EStimate on the Corporate Carbon Footprint, Accompaniment for quality assurance and certification processes in the agricultural sector. *The total accompanying prie will depend on the companies' environmental characteristics.


Free data base for affiliates

We have designed a differential benefits portfolio that will support you in growing your company.

This database is free of charge, and saves our affiliates approximately 6 million.

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