Programa especializado en Business english

Programa especializado

Course objectives

Our aim is to give the course participants the English skills necessary to function at their optimum level in their day-to-day professional lives. On completion of this course, each participant will have significantly improved their presentation skills, expanded their technical vocabulary, increased their fluency, and perfected their business writing skills. Additionally, we include a very special exercise which aims to eliminate the use of false cognates in the student's speech. This is informally called “Spanglish”, and is the origin of most mistakes made by students when speaking.

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Who should take this course?

Anyone with an intermediate or upper-intermediate level of English who uses the language in their professional lives. The most frustrating level in any language is “intermediate”, as it seems impossible to get past it! This course is the bridge to the next level.


Material and methodology

Each module of the course contains authentic reading material taken from publications such as The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and Business magazine. These articles are used for the introduction of particular grammar structures, new vocabulary, the practice of reading comprehension and for their value as “foundations” for discussions. Audio and visual aids are used in a similar way. The emphasis is heavily communicative, meaning that the use of the materials, whether written, audio or visual, will always lead to speaking practice in order to facilitate rapid assimilation of the newly introduced or in some cases recycled items. The students will take part in regular discussions, simulated meetings, negotiations and mini-presentations. It is important to emphasize that the role of the teacher, apart from the introduction and explanation of language items, is to facilitate the flow of “real” and appropriate communication.


Course Outline:

  • Presentations
  • Negotiating skills
  • Business writing skills
  • Trends
  • Leadership
  • The future of business
  • Social english
  • Spanglish and sentence stress.


Cormac Ross O'Brien

Born in the Republic of Ireland, Cormac took his degree at University College Dublin in English and History. After completing his Cambridge certificate in teaching English as a foreign language, he worked for a year in London with International House. Moving to Colombia in 1991, he first worked with British Council in Bogotá, where he took the Cambridge diploma in teaching English, the foremost qualification in EFL. In 2000, he established Study Agency International, which is presently providing English services to national, and multi-national companies in Bogotá. Cormac was academic director of the Business English Diploma at Universidad de la Sabana-Forum from 2002 until its closure in 2009, and later held the same position at Prime Business School.

Academic director