Production and quality

  • Learn more about the improvement or your products following high quality standards

Having excellent quality standards along with effective production processes for your company's products or services helps grow sales while cutting down on warranty claims. It is important to identify which areas within the production processes must be improved, keeping the following considerations in mind:

Analyzing the characteristics of the components in the good and/or service to be offered in terms of quality, requirements and timeliness.
• Develop a "technical sheet of the product or service" with the corresponding information.
• Determine how the quality control of the good and/or service will be maintained.

The CCB supports you with specific services to improve the production and quality of your products or services. To begin working on this goal, we invite you to make a free, personalized and confidential assessment of your business idea. You will then be eligible to access a services pathway based on your needs, that will help you strengthen your company.

Start your assessment now, and help us help you turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality! 

Production and quality services for enterprise strengthening

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1. Production planning:

  • Workshop: Plan your company's production or provision of services
  • Group assistance: Production and quality
  • Workshop: Learn to plan your collections

2. Production management:

  • Workshop: Manage your company's procurement, stock and logistics.
  • Workshop: Product engineering for the garments industry
  • Workshop: Design and patronage management for the garments industry

3. Production optimization:

  • Workshop: Tools for the harmonization and optimization of productive processes.
  • Workshop: Process innovation
  • Group assistance: Production and quality.

4. Packaging:

  • Workshop: Packaging design and selection tools.

5. Environmental management:

  • Workshop: Environmental management systems for the garments industry.
  • Workshop: Eco-design for the garments industry.

6. Agricultural production process:

  • Workshop: Good agricultural practices.
  • Tool: Technical sheets for prioritized products.
  • Tool: Good agricultural practices

7. Agro-industrial production process:

  • Workshop: Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Workshop: Tools for the harmonization and optimization of productive processes.
  • Tool: Good Manufacturing Practices.
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