Marketing and sales

  • Tools to improve your sales

The development and implementation of marketing and sales plan allows companies to determine their market share, their distribution channels and their channel-based sales. It also helps determine the geographic coverage of the sales force and the profitability expected from each marketing channel.

One of the key elements in a marketing and sales plan is the definition and identification of your main competitors. It is important to analyze their size, goals, market share, products or services, and marketing strategies. This will allow you to develop a differentiated marketing strategy.

At the CCB we assist you in the implementation and improvement of your marketing and sales plan, in order for you to determine the right strategies to offer your products or services to your target market.

To begin supporting you we invite you to assess your company, comprehensively identifying its strengths and needs, in order for us to design a services pathway or a work plan that will help you achieve solid and visible results.

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Marketing and sales services for enterprise strengthening

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1. Learn more about the market's trends: 

  • Workshop: Implementation of trends for the garments industry
  • Tool: Observatory of Global Innovation in Foodstuffs
  • Tool: Trendspotting Bogotá 2015

2. Market surveys

  • Workshop: How to conduct a market study

3. Design and visibility of products and services:

  • Workshop: Product innovation
  • Workshop: Services innovation
  • Workshop: Measure the impact of endorsements and crowd-funding
  • Workshop: Design an experiential strategy for your customers
  • Workshop: Learn to use digital platforms in music
  • Virtual workshop: Learn to use digital platforms in music
  • Workshop: The brand in the garments industry
  • Workshop: Distribution channel management
  • Workshop: Store windows: Communication at the point of sale, location of surfaces and analysis of spaces for the garments industry

4. Marketing of products and/or services:

  • Workshop: Design your marketing plan
  • Workshop: Digital strategy design
  • Group assistance: Marketing and sales

5. Sale of products and/or services:

  • Workshop: Design your sales plan
  • Group assistance: Marketing and sales

6. Develop commercial skills:

  • Workshop: Structure your company's pitch
  • Workshop: Strengthen your marketing and sales skills
  • Booklet: Corporate etiquette
  • Booklet: Customer service
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