• We assist entrepreneurs who wish to serve international markets

Internationalization is a process through which companies generate the required conditions and strategies to tend to international markets. If you wish to sell your products or services abroad, it is important to keep the following in mind:

Identify the product or service to be exported, that has added value or attributes that differentiate it from the competition.
Define the market where your product or service is in demand.
• Verify that your product or service is compliant with the requirements imposed by the market and the client.
Assess the logistics and costs associated to the export proceeding.
• Develop your commercial strategy.

The CCB supports companies wishing to market their products or services internationally; to this end, it has developed tailor-made programs based on each company's needs. We help you design a work plan that includes enterprise strengthening, market analysis and the company's and the products' potential in the desired or selected markets. You will always be accompanied by a CCB enterprise consultant.

Take the first step to access the support and assistance offered by the CCB, by assessing your company!

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Corporate internationalization services

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1. Export proceeding:

  • Virtual workshop: Key tools in an exports proceeding
  • Virtual workshop: Exporting services
  • Virtual workshop: General advisor in international negotiations

2. International logistics:

  • Virtual workshop: International logistics and transport
  • Virtual workshop: Logistics in the export of services

3. International marketing:

  • Virtual workshop: Research of international markets
  • Virtual workshop: Online tools to take your business abroad
  • Virtual workshop: Connect your company to the world via social networks
  • Virtual workshop: International marketing

4. Legislation:

  • Virtual workshop: The ABC in international contracting

5. Financial:

  • Virtual workshop: Financial feasibility for internationalization
  • Virtual workshop: Customs, exchange and fiscal matters in organizations

6. Imports proceeding:

  • Virtual workshop: Learn more about import proceedings
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