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The purpose of financial management is to serve as a communications channel and a way for entrepreneurs to relate to available sources of financing and investment. Promoting financial skills, knowledge and capabilities for companies to have proper access to them.

One option available for companies seeking financial support is to search for investors; when doing this, it is important to heed the following recommendations:

• It is important to have available all historic and forecast financial information, in such a way that it will give potential investors an opportunity to conduct detailed analysis of the company's current situation and is potential.
• The information should provide potential investors with indebtedness, liquidity and profitability indicators in a clear and timely fashion.

With our continued support to entrepreneurs in the Bogotá Region, we are able to provide services designed specifically for your company, free of charge.

To begin working on this goal, we invite you to make a free, personalized and confidential assessment of your business idea. You will then be eligible to access a services pathway based on your needs, that will help you strengthen your company.

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Financial Management services and financing in for enterprise strengthening

Find more information here (spanish version), such as business hours and sites where these services are provided.

Download the guides (spanish version) you are interested in.

1. Calculation of costs and prices:

  • Workshop: Define the costs and prices for your company
  • Group assistance: Financial and financing

2. Financial planning:

  • Workshop: Design your economic and financial plan
  • Group assistance: Financial and financing

3. Accounting management:

  • Workshop: How to manage your company's accounting. A managerial vision
  • Workshop: Learn to interpret your company's financial statements
  • Group assistance: Financial and financing

4. Financing:

  • Group assistance: Financial and financing
  • Booklet: Financing your company: What do you need to know, and where to get money?
  • Booklet: Prepare the documentation to ask for credits or loans
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