We share this advice that may help you in your process to raise investor resources for your company's investors.

10 tips to raise capital from investors

If your company is interested in raising capital and other resources, you should identify you strong points and prepare properly before actually contacting potential investors. Keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Describe what your company does in one or two phrases
  2. Talk about your most noteworthy accomplishments (sales, contracts, awards, certifications, etc.)
  3. Identify the market need or opportunity for your business model
  4. Describe what is the product/service that will solve or satisfy the need
  5. List and describe the different business lines
  6. Focus on your competitive advantages, stating what your differentiating factors are
  7. Prove that your company has expert, capable and committed human talent
  8. Organize and provide your cost structure in a clear and broken down fashion
  9. Provide financial forecasts at 3 or 5 year terms, including the commercial strategies to support them
  10. State the required investment amount, as well as the reasons why you need such an investment
  11. Prove that the amount you are requesting is the right one to fulfill your forecasted goals.

Sources: ProColombia and ProCapital

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