• We help you define the financial structure for your entrepreneurial project, here

Having clarity about how to finance the operation of an entrepreneurial project, is a key factor that will determine the success of your company. Without financing, not matter the origin or source, it is not possible to properly conduct any commercial activity.
One financing option is finding investors, but it is important to remember that:

• Investment processes through third parties are usually long and the need to have resources available must be aimed at tending to growth and expansion opportunities, and not to short-term cash-flow requirements.

• It is necessary to have sales forecasts that will support specific needs regarding assets or working capital, and there must be clarity about the use that will be given to the resources sought from investors.

At the CCB we are committed with supporting the creation of sustainable companies in Bogotá and the Region. Therefore, we have specialized services in place that will help you define the financial structure for your project.

To begin working on this goal, we invite you to make a free, personalized and confidential assessment of your business idea. This will allow you to define a services pathway that goes in accordance with your needs.

Start your assessment now, and help us help you turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality!

Financial Management services and financing in the creation of companies 

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1. Definition of costs and prices:

  • Workshop: Define the costs and prices for your company
  • Group assistance: Financial and financing 

2. Plan your company financially:

  • Workshop: Design your economic and financial plan 
  • Group assistance: Financial and financing 

3. Finance your company:

  • Caption: How to finance your business plan 
  • Group assistance: Financial and financing 
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