Discover Bogota


Bogota -with around 8 million residents- constitutes an important regional market, underpinned by a comprehensive and varied economy.

With a GDP that currently accounts for roughly 25% of the country’s total, which tops several countries in Latin America, makes the city the most important market by far in Colombia and one of the most attractive in Latin America. It has a diversified productive structure, where the main activities are service-related.

It also has the most important business platform of the whole country: more than 400.000 companies, 29% of the country’s total registered, and almost 53.000 new companies created every year.

Moreover, Bogota offers investors one of the best enterprise environments in Latin America. According to the most recent analysis by the World Bank, the city is among the Top 3 regional cities where doing business is the easiest. Evidence of this can be seen in the fact that Bogota has been the Latin American city that has implemented the largest number of reforms to improve its business climate over the past eight years which has helped to attract a significant number of foreign companies.

Sightseeing in Bogotá

Historic center

Its steep and narrow streets still carry names that evoke the Spanish Colonial Era. Its Republican style buildings, infrastructure, history, legends and heroic events, recreate a magical environment harboring multiple artistic and cultural expressions just waiting to be discovered.

The most important and representative museums of the country are clustered in this area, such as the Gold Museum with its pre-Columbian treasure. The pre-Hispanic gold collection is the largest in the world, comprising over 34,000 pieces.

The Monserrate Sanctuary, located 3,200 meters above sea level, is one of Bogota’s symbols, not only because of its natural resources, but because of its religious connotations. Since 1640, when it was founded, the sanctuary has been visited by millions of pilgrims and travelers every year.

The traditional neighborhood of La Macarena or “Zona M” is known for its bohemian character with cozy bars and restaurants.

Night life

Bogota’s magical nights are one of its most striking features. The cool climate creates a contrasting feel with the lively city that can be boisterous or quiet and romantic, depending on what suits you best.

We invite you to enjoy the traditional Colombian mixed rhythms that awaken our visitors to a new experience: the “rumba”.
One Caribbean word describes the excitement of Bogota’s nightlife above all others “La Rumba”, a term that suggests fun-filled nights to the sound of the beat of your liking: live music, karaoke, tropical, rock, and electronic crossover. Take your pick of the abundant party offers that suit any taste.

Bogota is the “rumba” capital par excellence. This is not something we boast about ourselves; it’s been confirmed time and again by thousands of tourists who’ve managed to keep pace with a city that never sleeps.

Although the party scene becomes livelier starting on Thursdays, all kinds of evening entertainment can be found on weekdays: both lively and animated, or quiet and romantic.



Bogota’s Gourmet District

Bogota has undergone a significant boom in the gourmet industry, upraising the city to one of Latin America’s emerging gastronomic capitals.

Practical information

Documents and visas

Colombia does not require a foreign visa for over 85 countries whose citizens enter the country solely as tourists, a factor that gives us an advantage when hosting an international event.

If you’re a citizen of one of the countries mentioned in Decree 5707 issued in 2008, and intend to visit Colombia exclusively for tourism (holiday or business) you don’t need a visa and may remain in the country for 90 calendar days upon date of entry.

Citizens of countries not listed in Decree 5707 issued in 2008, must file a request for a tourist visa before a recognized Colombian consulate abroad.

More information


Bogota is located in the Andean mountain range at 2,640 meters above sea level with pleasant all-year-round spring-like weather.

During the day, the average temperature is 14°C (57°F) and 10°C (50°F) at nights.

The city’s mountainous climate is entirely unpredictable. You might wake up to dazzling sunshine in the morning and pouring rain in less than an hour. Temperatures usually drop at night. It’s always wise to take a coat or jacket along as you prepare to go out.